Network Services Department

Network Services Department conducts research and development work on advanced applications of information and communication technologies for efficient data transmission within a computer network environment. Main work areas include management systems for distributed multimedia content, data stream transmission systems, advanced service architectures, accessible portals and support for mobile users. This work results in generating and deployment of advanced network services within digital libraries, interactive television, e-government, telemedicine or e-service for education purposes.

Network Services Department realizes its work in cooperation with foreign partners (e.g. European Commission projects, such as Framework Programme, Eureka or eContent Plus), within development and deliberate projects of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and in cooperation either with local government and public sector units (e.g. schools, libraries, hospitals) or commercial partners.

Besides research and development work the Department maintains also various network services in favour of academic circles of PoznaƄ, such as e-mail, web and FTP services, DNS, UseNet news and w3cache services.



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