User Guide for version 4.0 of the dLibra system

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center

Edited by

Tomasz Parkoła

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. dLibra - digital library framework
1.2. dLibra system users
1.3. Directories
1.4. Collections
1.5. Publication
1.5.1. Publication's editions, files and files' versions
1.6. Object's properties
1.6.1. Multilingual properties
1.6.2. Object's metadata
1.7. Other library resources
2. Program installation and startup
2.1. Installing and running editor's and administrator's application
2.2. Logging into the dLibra system and running editor's or administrator's application
3. Editor's Application
3.1. Editor's Application - main window
3.1.1. Directories Tree
3.1.2. Elements list
3.1.3. Properties Window
3.2. Editors of object's properties
3.2.1. General information editor
3.2.2. Bibliographic description editor
3.2.3. Rights editor
3.2.4. Publication position editor
3.2.5. Publication to collections assignment editor
3.3. Typical editor's tasks
3.3.1. Creating directory
3.3.2. Creating a new group publication
3.3.3. Creating a new publication
3.3.4. Sending posponed publications
3.3.5. Creating a new planned publication
3.3.6. Adding content to planned publication
3.3.7. Publishing publication's edition
3.3.8. Moving and removing elements
3.3.9. Deleting publication's content
3.3.10. Changing password
3.3.11. Searching
3.4. Advanced editor's tasks
3.4.1. Editor's application modes (views)
3.4.2. Downloading an edition of a publication
3.4.3. Adding new files' versions
3.4.4. Creating/removing an edition of a publication
3.4.5. Managing publication files
3.4.6. Mass publication upload
3.4.7. Editor's application configuration
3.5. Tags management
3.6. Publication Creator
3.6.1. Publication Creator's functions
3.6.2. Using Publication Creator
4. Library Manager
4.1. Administrator's Application main window
4.1.1. Library Tree
4.2. Basic administrator's tasks
4.2.1. Creating/removing collection
4.2.2. Managing publications in collection
4.2.3. Library attributes management
4.2.4. Attribute's values dictionary management
4.2.5. Users and groups management
4.2.6. Languages management
4.3. Advanced right management
4.3.1. Introduction
4.3.2. Library-level permissions
4.3.3. Directory-level permissions
4.3.4. Collection-level permissions
4.3.5. Publication-level permissions
4.4. Access domains management
A. Importing groups of values from MARC files
B. Retrieving metadata through the Z39.50 extension
C. MARC metadata import
C.1. configuration file format
C.2. configuration file format
C.3. Default configuration
D. Export to RDF format
D.1. RDF export configuration file
E. XML metadata import
F. BibTeX metadata import
G. Attributes' values' Synonyms Dictionary
G.1. The idea of Synonyms Dictionary
G.2. Construction of Synonyms Dictionary
H. Editor's application default configuration
H.1. Default editor's application settings
I. Objects' properties in dLibra system
J. List of operations concerning objects of the dLibra system