3.5. Tags management

Web users of the dLibra system are allowed to provide tags (keywords) describing particular edition. Provided tags may be verified or modified by the editor or administrator of the dLibra system. Tag can be modified during specified in the configuration period (by default it is 30 days) from the moment web user adds it. After this period the tag is removed from the list of tag to moderate.

Tags to moderate management panel ( Figure 3.42, “Tags management window”) is displayed in editor's application when Tags management... option from Tools menu is selected. On the panel there are all the tags to moderate (tags added during the last period; by default it is 30 days) which are assigned to the editions connected with logged editor.

Figure 3.42. Tags management window

Tags management window

Tags on the management panel have the following properties (properties determine tag state):

The list of tags is refreshed by default every 10 minutes, reminders for editor are displayed by default every 30 minutes. These periods can be modified according to the editor needs in application configuration. In addition, in the bottom-right corner of the management panel Refresh button is located. This button should be used to refresh list of tags without the need to wait for automatic refresh.

In order to apply all changes made on the tags management panel press Apply button. In order to reject made changes press Cancel button.

In dLibra system two initial tag states are possible:

In order to set appropriate initial state for all new tags contact dLibra system administrator.