Appendix A. Importing groups of values from MARC files

Groups import configuration is entirely based on metadata import from MARC files. The difference is that in case of this extension instead of dLibra attributes names the following names have to be provided:

If the editor uses this extension to import groups of values a file/directory select dialog opens ( Figure A.1, “Dictionary import - select directory/files”). If the editor selects a directory then all files in the directory are processed to extract groups of values. If the editor selects specific files then these files are processed.

Figure A.1. Dictionary import - select directory/files

Dictionary import - select directory/files

After processing selected diretory or files the application opens a dialog where a table of all retrieved groups of values is displayed ( Figure A.2, “Dictionary import - groups of values”). Base value of a group is placed in the Group column, values which are in the group are placed in the same row in Values column. Base values and regular values may be edited.

Figure A.2. Dictionary import - groups of values

Dictionary import - groups of values

In order to use new configuration files open extension's configuration dialog ( Figure C.1, “Metadata import from MARC files - configuration”, steps to open dialog are described in configuration section). When the configuration dialog is open, select the source of new configuration files (file on computer drive or URL) and check Use configuration from given source check box. Additionally, it is required to specify encoding of MARC files which will be imported. MARC file encoding depends on the information system it comes from.

Figure A.3. Dictionary import - configuration dialog

Dictionary import - configuration dialog