Network Department

In the Network Department the work is connected with two main subjects:

  • POZMAN and PIONIER networks’ exploitation, maintaining and managing
  • research work connected with modern technologies of teleinformation networks.

Within the field of international connections PSNC links Polish scientific circles with European network GÉANT and other worldwide scientific networks.

POZMAN and PIONIER networks’ exploitation, maintaining and managing are realized by:

  • optical fiber networks’ team – works on the networks development, investment realization, maintaining and preservation of optical fiber lines and transmission nodes, cooperation with external entities regarding law, exploitation and maintaining of network infrastructure
  • wired and wireless transmission’s team – works on planning, implementing and maintaining of transmission devices. Besides, the team takes care of control and configuration of DWDM systems, networking routers and MPLS. Maintaining of the transmission network includes service parameters’ measurement, network reliability and security research
  • networks’ management team – includes Network Management Centre (so called NOC) and works on monitoring of connections and network devices, network capacity parameters’ measurement, receiving and verifying reports concerning networks functioning and security issues, monitoring of international PIONIER connections with European scientific network  GÉANT, worldwide Internet, and other international networks. In addition, the Network Management Centre controls computing infrastructure within the PSNC. The Centre remains on duty 24 hours day and night, 365 days a year.

Second branch of the Department activity concentrates on research work for new technologies, which expand functionality of modern data transmission systems. In particular, the work concerns PSNC participation in projects co-financed by EU Structural Funds and national funds of State Committee for Scientific Research.



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