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Publication description

Special Issue 1 2010

Publication structure:
  • Special Issue 1 2010
    • New Approach to Dynamic and Seamless Management of Network and Computational Resources in a Heterogeneous Grid Environment
    • PLATON: Principles and Conceptual Design of Scientific and Interactive HD Television in the PIONIER Network
    • Popular Backup/Archival Service and its Application for the Archival of the Network Traffic in the PIONIER Academic Network
    • PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation – Interoperability of Advanced Network Services Implemented on a Country Scale
    • Integration of the Laboratory Instruments with e-Infrastructure
    • Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems – MetalDS case study
    • FEDERICA: Federated e-Infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing Network Architectures
    • Virtualization of Grid Networking Resources for Computation Mobility Support
    • Parallel Large Scale Simulations in the PL-Grid Environment
    • PRACE World-Class Computational Facilities Ready for Polish Scientific Community
    • Utilization of FPGA Architectures for High Performance Computations
    • High Performance Computing on New Accelerated Hardware Architectures
    • Science on the TeraGrid