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Publication description

Volume 16(2) 2010

Publication structure:
  • Volume 16(2) 2010
    • Configurational Temperature and Monte Carlo Simulations
    • Reliability Properties of Seven Parameters Burr XII Distribution
    • The Sequence Project of the Control Plan of Reliability of the Weibull Model Distribution
    • On Relative Stability of Selected Hard Tetramer Solids
    • Special Purpose Parallel Computer for Modelling Supramolecular Systems based on the Dynamic Lattice Liquid Model
    • Applying of PAW for Standarization of CsI(Tl) Light Output
    • On Algebras Associated with Integrable Hamiltonian Systemsa
    • Widely Separated Deformations of Singular Potential
    • Statistical Description of Magnetic Domains in the Two Dimensional Ising Model
    • Some Remarks on Kappa-deformed Boost Transformations
    • Dynamic Decomposition of Poincaré Plots for Multivariate Analysis and Visualization of Simultaneously Recorded Physiological Time Series
    • Partition Function Formalism in the Problem of Multidimensional Integer Partitions
    • On Fractional Schrödinger Equation
    • A Note on Scattering in Deformed Space with Minimal Length
    • Long Time Deviations from the Exponential Decay Law: Possible Observational Effects
    • Tube Translocation of a Herniating Chain