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Publication description

Volume 10(2) 2004

Publication structure:
  • Volume 10(2) 2004
    • Molecular Modelling of the Deformation Mechanisms Acting in Auxetic Silica
    • Elastic Properties of Inverse Power Fluids
    • Negative Poisson's Ratios from Rotating Rectangles
    • The Use of Auxetic Materials in Smart Structures
    • Radial Distribution Functions and Compressibility Factors for Binary Mixture of Hard Spheres from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
    • Surface Response Optimisation of Auxetic Homogenised Cellular Plates using Genetic Programming
    • Slowness Surfaces and Energy Focusing Patterns of Auxetic Cubic Media
    • Numerical and Experimental Study of Auxetic Closed-Cell Foams
    • Molecular Dynamics Study of Short and Medium Range Order in Modified BGO Glasses
    • Low-Temperature Extra Ordering Effects in Symmetric Block Copolymers from Lattice Monte Carlo Simulation
    • An Approximation Method for Simulating Temperature Dependence of Poisson's Ratios of Self-Expanding Auxegens
    • Tetratic Phase in The Planar Hard Square System?