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Volume 3(1) 1997

Publication structure:
  • Volume 3(1) 1997
    • Parameter Analysis of Clusters of Melting Temperatures of Dna Chains
    • Molecular Dynamics, Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics, and Clausius' Inequality
    • Discrete-Continuous Scheduling to Minimize the Mean Flow Time — Computational Experiments
    • Simulations of Critical Properties of Classical Spin Models
    • The Structure, Proton Affinity, Electrostatic Properties and Its Relation to Biological Activity of Cocaine and its Derivatives
    • Monte Carlo simualtions of the hard square-triangle fluid close to melting
    • An Algorithm for Solving Inverse Problems of Heat and Mass Transport in Agricultural Products
    • Algorithm for calculation of the maximum eigenvalue of transfer matrix for the linear S = 1/2 Heisenberg model
    • The algorithm for the partition function of the generalised Ising model on a square lattice
    • Combinations of the spherical harmonics and the spherical rotator functions invariant with respect to the symmetry group Oh