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Volume 2(1) 1996

Publication structure:
  • Volume 2(1) 1996
    • An Optimized Protocol for In Vacuo Molecular Dynamics Simulation And Trajectory Analysis Of Modified DNA Duplexes
    • A Comparison Of Two Dna Sequencing Methods
    • Orientational correlations in suspension of rodlike colloidal macroparticles
    • Dielectric polarization of 2 - pyrrolidinone molecules in benzene solution - a quantum-chemical study
    • Semiempirical Conformational Analysis Of(R,R) - Tartaric Acid, Its Dimethyl Diester,Diamide And N, N, N', N'-Tetramethyl Diamide.Ab-Initio Calculations Of Some Model Compounds
    • Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
    • A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Some Class Of Discrete-Continuous Scheduling Problems
    • Application Of Explicitly Correlated GaussianFunctions To Large Scale Calculations OnSmall Atoms And Molecules