A.2. marcImpRemChars.properties configuration file format


An examplary marcImpRemChars.properties file is presented above.

This file enables user to define characters (or series of characters) to remove from values of MARC subfield before this value is imported to bibliographic description. The characters can be removed both from begin and end of the subfield.

Line end-245b=/;]; means that from the end (the word end) of the 245b subfield “/” or “]” character will be removed (if of course one of these characters will be found at the end of the 245b subfield). Minus separates the place (begin or end) from which we remove the characters and the subfield (245b) from which we remove the characters. After the equals character characters to remove are specified. These characters are separated by the semicolon.

Let us analyze the following example: “begin-245a=[/”. This record will couse that the application will remove the [/ characters sequence from the beggining of 245b subfield, if this sequence will be found at the beggining of this subfield. So if in the MARC file subfield 245a will have “[/Stories” value then the application will transform it to “Stories” value which will be imported to the bibliographic description.