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[Abstract = "In the paper the material model for metals and its numerical applications are presented. The material model is stated in terms of continuum mechanics, in the framework of the thermodynamical theory of viscoplasticity. The fundamental achievement is that the constitutive relation includes a description of anisotropy of metal microstructure. Such approach gives qualitatively and quantitatively new results compared with the existing models because it is possible to trace the directions of softening and predict a damage path in process time. Numerical examples comprise full spatial modelling for HSLA-65 steel in adiabatic conditions (the analysis of anisotropic bodies can be led only on 3D models) including: tension of sheet steel and twisting of thin walled tube. During analyses strain rates of order 10 4-10 7 s–1 are observed and the process time up to full damage (loss of continuity in the localisation zone) is around 100-300 us."]